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The Trinity and Christian Life.

Fergus Kerr OP

What kind of sermon should be preached in our churches on Trinity Sunday? The Prior of Blackfriars, Edinburgh, and former president of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain, gives us some ideas as to how we might answer that question by reviewing the way the Trinity has been understood in the tradition and by looking at some recent literature on the subject.

The Spirit, Christ, and Worship.

Rev Peter Lockhart

Correctly titled "The accommodation of the Spirit in Christ's obedience with reference to the relationship to doxology, as understood in John 17:19", this essay by Brisbane-based Rev Peter Lockhart explores the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the incarnate Christ, and the impact that this relationship has on our Trinitarian worship.

The Plight of the Soul Today.

Terry Kelly SJ

Matter is spiritual. We are sprung from matter, but look at the evedence that we transcend the mere material building blocks: the loads of opinion columns in the papers, the full universities, adult education courses, scientific and technological progress, many people caring for each other. The soul is an emergent spiritual reality, sprung from the very spiritual nature of matter itself.

The Making of 'Oliver Sacks'.

Maureen McDermott

Why did Sack's writing arouse such strong reactions from his peers? If he is correct in speaking of his cold reception by his peers, what were its causes? What was he saying that was found so intolerable that, by his own account, publication was denied? Does this account, in fact, with its tendency to mythologise about himself as a wounded genius, accurately represent the historical emergence of 'Oliver Sacks' as an immensely successful writer of medical tales?
Maureen McDermott is PHD student at La Trobe and gave this paper as a workshop at the Life Intelligence and the Universe Conference in Adelaide in January 2000.

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